How To Survive From Drowning

Hopefully you’ll never need to follow this excellent advice

A marine demonstrated a brilliant way to stay afloat should you find yourself out of your depth in water – and it involves using your trousers.

Known only as Mike, the man from America jumps into deep water after briefly explaining the theory behind his survival technique. Once in the water Mike gets to work removing his trousers and bringing the ends of the two legs together in his hand. He then ties two knots – strong enough to ensure that very little air can escape in order for the trousers to act as a flotation device. Following this he places the trousers over his head, making sure that the flies are buttoned closed and facing down. He explains that by doing this he reduces the amount of air that is able to escape once the trousers have been turned into a flotation device. After this Mike holds the waist of the trousers open, cups his hand and fills the trousers with air before holding the waistband together tightly.

He states that it only takes three scoops for you to be floating adequately and that you can top it up with more air by adding another scoop when necessary.

The video concludes with Mike showcasing the flotation device by lifting his legs in the air and bobbing around in the water