Super heavyweight MMA fights ends with a 7-second knockout. Watch the whole video for replay

What do you do when you are an out of shape MMA fighter? If you are Robert Feririck you find an even more out of shape fighter to face off with in the cage. Joseph Smith is a 400-pound walking tub of goo who, supposedly, has a big right hand. You will not see it in this fight.

Surprisingly, Smith is not too nimble on his feet. He makes the cardinal fighting mistake of leaving his feet parallel and pays the price. Watching Smith land on his back is almost comical. Wave after wave of fat undulates over his body before the ref steps in and calls a stop to this fight.

It seems like a quick stoppage and part of me wishes the ref let it continue. Not because I want to see more of this fight but because I want to see if Smith can actually get back up on his feet. For his part Feririck look as good as a fighter can in one of these fights. His right hand literally lifted Smith off his feet, which is no small task.

The real entertainment value of this video is not the fight itself but the slow motion replay. You half expect Smith to fall straight through the floor of the cage in some sort of cartoonish finale. You may think that I am being too hard on Smith but I have to hand it to him; he is man enough to step into the cage and throw down. Plus he makes me feel a little better about my out of shape ass