Hunter scares off charging momma bear.

Good thing it worked, or this video may have ended very differently.

If an angry mother bear came running towards us, we would say our prayers and call it a day, but this dude knows exactly what to do.
I think the man handled the situation very professionally. Instead of firing his gun into the air hoping the loud bang would scare the mother off – which doesnt always work, he screamed while remaining cool on the trigger. Textbook example of probably the perfect way handle this situation.
One of the things they teach you in hunters safety courses is to make your self look big and make loud noises to ward of bears. Especially black bears. Brown or grizzly bears you can use the feetal position and play dead and they won’t disturb you, supposedly never had to try it, but black bears will continue to mual on you. If making yourself bigger does not frighten it then you best better be ready to use your firearm or a can of mace. Which brings me to my next point, always be sure to carry a can of mace or a side arm firearm while hunting, fishing, hiking, biking, or camping in a bears habitat. Nothing small either like a .22. Something along the lines of a .357 or .44 mag.