Idiot Driver Gets Instant Karma

Damn, that was wild!

Every once in a while driving becomes extremely frustrating and while bikers get a pretty bad rap for reckless riding and speeding, however, in this case, one biker’s actions might be pretty justified when a driver almost wrecks his friend.

The video was discovered on the viral phenomena that is Reddit. Two bikers are riding down the road when a truck comes driving from the opposite direction as if it’s a game of chicken. The biker is forced to pull to the side but then doubles back around to go after the enraged driver. The truck doesn’t run away either, the driver’s passenger begins speaking to the bikers and from what you can tell she is upset at the way they ride up and down the road. The driver however, takes it to a whole new level and tries to confront the biker. As they argue the biker’s friend comes over and delivers a vicious headbutt while wearing his helmet, sending the driver to the ground.
The video which was originally posted to the jakester142 YouTube Channel, continues as the man gets up and tells the bikers he’s trying to look out for his children . His children are in the back of the truck witnessing this all go down. Sir if you really cared about your kids you might want to find a better way of trying to gain the biker’s attention. If that’s not enough, the bikers apparently run into the same man the next day in the surprise ending.