Idiot Tries To Eat Live Tarantula Off Giant Snake

His face will never look the same.

I guess this is how you protest rainforest deforestation down in the Amazon? By wrapping chains all over your body like someone who’s into S&M, wrangling up some snakes (I’m not sure if those are boa constrictors or anacondas, I think they’re boas though), and then when you find a live tarantula on one of your snakes you attempt to eat it whole.

Footage, shot in Jacunda, Brazil, shows protester Arteval Duarte getting bitten by the snake as he tries to put its head in his mouth – where he already holds a tarantula. The snake locks onto the face of the ‘Ninja of Serpents’ as the large spider escapes. His face is left covered in blood , but he seems unfazed by the ordeal .