Incredible K1 fight. Absolutely crazy.

The night in the ring where all hell broke loose!

From the 2010 K-1 Worldmax Final 18, an absolute slobberknocker, Grecian Mike Zambidis takes on the Moroccan Chahid, and once again proves why K-1 is a world class organization with some of the best fights on the planet.
This in indeed one hell of a game where anything can happen at any moment and a world champion can be publicly humiliated inside the ring. It is almost impossible to predict the game winner right at the beginning of a heated game and also when one knows that both the contenders are actually the bomb kind of men who fear no one and nothing in their lives, they don’t even fear the pain they have to endure while the match proceeds.

Incredible K1 fight. And what makes this match different than others is something that you must look up till the very end of the game. Chahid was brutally taken down a couple of times and the excitement can be heard in the voice of the commentators.