Inmate Destroys Judge

Justice or JUST A*S? YOU Be The Judge!

…there was a judge running for re-election named Judge Rebecca Pilshaw and a Deputy District Attorney who talked a big game when he was safe behind armed baliffs. They called him Kevin O’Connor. The two of them, out in Wichita, Kansas, Judge Becs’ and Deputy D.A. Kevs’ Pussybitch O’Connor convicted Michael Gaines of battery of a law enforcement officer while he was already incarcerated. During an altercation in the jail clinic Mr. Gaines spit on two of the officers. The judge took particularly extreme measures because Mr. Gaines is HIV positive.

Mind you, you cannot contract the HIV virus from saliva. Can NOT Do It. Not possible. Never happened in the history of the virus. Not at all. No sir.

Nonetheless, Judge Pilshaw sentenced Gaines to

Judge Pilshaw explained on her blog (YES, SHE ALSO BLOGS ABOUT HER VERDICTS) quote:

“I am aware that the risk of spreading HIV through saliva is basically slim to none. However… It’s somewhat akin to a robber holding an empty gun on a gas station cashier. The risk is minor but the victim’s fear is very real.”


Anyhooo… things didn’t go so hot at sentencing.