Inmate resists baliffs causing courtroom concern

The deputies did a good job

A Bay County inmate caused some problems for bailiffs in the Bay County Courthouse recently.

As you can see on the video Bernard Parks, who is currently scheduled to go to trial for failing to register as a sexual offender, becomes resistant and then belligerent to bailiffs as they attempt to remove him from the courthouse.

Parks and Circuit Judge Michael Overstreet had been discussing whether or not he would be allowed to represent himself at his trial. Overstreet ruled against it because Parks declined to agree to keep his behavior up to courtroom standards.

In an 2014 incident a bailiff saved Park’s life when he tried to hang himself at the courthouse.

According to Maj. Rick Anglin of the Bay County Sheriff’s Office the deputies used the appropriate amount of force.

“The deputies did a good job dealing with a very difficult situation,” Anglin said.

Parks will now face a new charge of resisting an officer without violence, he added.