Bike thieves get a shocking surprise.

The boys over at TwinzTV must have had some serious bikes stolen from them as kids, only they’ve got a real obsession with catching bike thieves and humiliating them on camera, haven’t they? Hey, don’t get us wrong – we love their bike bait pranks, but they keep on ratcheting them up… One day they’ll end up setting fire to them or something. Okay, maybe not.

But still. Not content with just flinging them over the handlebars, theTwinzTV fellas are going one better this time out. They’re electrocuting them. Yip – really. Nothing too serious, just a short sharp burst to liven up the would-be thieves…

We’ve gotta admit it, there is a nice, warm, fuzzy feeling to be had watching all these dudes who try and take stuff that ain’t theirs get their comeuppance.