Insane Woman Goes Crazy

Lol This Woman Is Psycho As Fu*k!!!

Wow! Dude showed a lot of patience with that woman! Hope she gets some kind of punishment other than looking like a fucking fool! He had respect for his elders and didn’t so much as lay a finger on that older women.. He made his point and got his money back because he was within his right..

Why is it that old white woman try to get in your face then once you tap them on the shoulder they fall to the ground screaming “He choked and slammed me to the ground. CALL 911 NOW!!!”.  She must of been an only child that thinks she is a princess still. The world is not yours lady. She must have some mental issue to think she is in the right. The problem is… a lot of ppl act like the victim. i don’t wish jail on any body (except rapists and murderers and assholes like this). knowing she was being recorded she still acted like she was getting hit, mental illness or just plain weak character of a person. I bet her husband let her get away with that shit all the time and never knew how to escape it…. now he knows, FILM THE PSYCHO!