Jaguar Attacks Crocodile

Meanwhile, my ordinary domestic cat can’t catch a cockroach.

The video, filmed by photographer Sally Eagle, shows how the jaguar swam across a river to an island where the eight-foot alligator-like creature was basking .

The 20-stone cat sprung out of the water onto the caiman’s back, offering it no chance to escape before it sunk its jaws into the crocodile’s neck, and dragged its quarry back through the water to dry land.

The kill sequence was filmed in the Pantanal Wetlands of Brazil, where confrontations between the two carnivores are not uncommon.

Jaguars are extremely strong swimmers, and will successfully hunt caiman and even anacondas, in and out of the water.

Caiman, who as alligatorid crocodylians bear similarites to both their alligator and crocodile cousins, generally hunt fish, amphibians and other reptiles – including each other.