Jet-kart-The most mental kart ever

Move over Mad Max Crazy Colin is here.

He is the brains behind the world’s fastest mobility scooter, the longest-ever motorbike and a giant fart machine in Dover. Now British DIY inventor, Colin Furze, has been working on another ridiculous project; a jet engine strapped to a go kart. Described as ‘the most mental kart ever’, the jet-kart runs on diesel and gas and can hit a top speed of 60mph (96km/h).

In his most recent video, Lincolnshire-based Furze shows pipes on the vehicle glowing red as the kart spits out fire while it picks up speed.

‘Top speed as of yet is around 60mph (96km/h) as you can see in the video but I run out of runway so could be more in it but until I get on a longer runway I won’t know,’ Colin Furze wrote on his website.

Furze created his jet-kart by stretching a go-kart’s chassis by 4.9ft (1.5 metres) in order to fit the massive jet engine. Furze says the jet-kart was a natural progression for the jet-bicycle that he built in 2013.

The British inventor is well known online for his outrageous, and often dangerous stunts. He achieved notoriety when he debuted his gas powered 53mph pram last year, shortly after becoming a father for the first time. The video of him testing that invention, fortunately not with his new-born baby inside the pram, gained over 1.4 million views. Mr Furze also features on Sky TV’s Gadget Geeks and gained his first Guinness world record for making the world’s largest bonfire in 2006.