Judge Blasts Suspects For Murder Of A 3-Year-Old Girl!

This judge was spot on…We need more judges like this.

Clifford Thomas and Jasmine Gordon were bound over for trial Wednesday in the murder of Gordon’s 3-year-old daughter, Jamila Smith.

Thomas and Gordon took Smith to the hospital on Sept. 18 claiming she hurt herself. But according to Judge Shannon Holmes at the 36th District Court, the medical examiner’s testimony claimed otherwise.

According to Judge Holmes, the medical examiner testified Jamila had over 50 injuries, and they were at various stages of healing.

During the hearing, Judge Holmes blasted Thomas and Gordon, calling them both “good actors” for their interviews with police.

She ended the hearing by saying, “don’t even think about bond, I’m not entertaining it. And I wish you all the very best. And I’m really being sarcastic.”

You can hear Judge Holmes’ entire statement in the video player above.