Judge DESTROYS Ditzy Rich Girl In Court

Sometimes you just shouldn’t say anything.

Judges are becoming harsh when it comes to the people who enter their court rooms. They don’t take a lot of the insults that are given, and many of them don’t deal with the behavior that some in court exhibit when they think that they are right all of the time.
One judge destroyed a rich ritzy girl who thought she knew all of the answers when it came time to stand before the judge. This girl seemed to be completely clueless as to why she was in court as well as how to proceed during a hearing, making the judge more than a little irritated. The girl is smiling in front of the camera the entire time because she is in jail. She laughs while the judge tells her what she is charged with, and the judge doesn’t think that she’s serious about her charges. The girl doesn’t really seem to know anything about her case. After she tries to answer the judges questions, the judge gets tired of dealing with someone who is ditzy, and he holds her in contempt of court. This doesn’t seem to bother her as she smiles on her way back to her area in the jail.