Juicers 12ga Shotgun Slugs For Storm Troopers

Wow that thing has a mind of its own!

Shotgun slugs are usually used for hunting and are typically far bigger than your average round. For example, one regular 30-06 rifle bullet, will weigh in at around 150 grains/10g. The lightest common 12 gauge shotgun slug (the 7/8-oz slug) though is coming in at around 383 grains or/25g.

JUICERS — 12ga Shotgun Slugs for STORM TROOPERS — Juicers are customized bi-metal shotgun slugs that are created by Tactical-G-Code. The Juicers measure 1oz and they have five points. They get their name from their shape, which looks like a citrus juicer. They might look really slick, but for practical use, they are pretty useless. They tend to miss the object they’re being shot at! That might be cool to see in a slo-mo recording, but if you were to ever want to actually hit something, forget about it. These are just a novelty round, and as always, not something you should try at home!