Just how big are Japanese cockroaches?

Lucky this sumo wrestler shaved his belly before he started this experiment!

A strong set of traps is needed when trying to rid the home of cockroaches.
And one company has demonstrated just how strong their adhesive insect strips are by testing them on a sumo wrestler – who then becomes stuck.

Japanese pest control company Earth Chemical have designed the Gokiburi Hoi Hoi roach traps, which they believe will protect any home from invasions of creepy crawlies.

In order to test out the strength of their adhesive, the company challenged a normal-sized scientist, a fast sprinter and a sumo wrestler to walk across the a much larger version of the trap.

The scientist is first to step up to the challenge and is billed as the most intelligent to try running across the large trap. However, as soon as he runs on to the adhesive, he becomes stuck and falls to the ground as he tries to break free.

Next up to test the trap is the sprinter who puts on his running kit and trainers.
But as he attempts a run across the trap he first loses his trainers, and then his socks and has to give up.

The final challenger to face the test is the sumo wrestler wearing the traditional Japanese costume. He runs on to the adhesive and after just a couple of steps, he falls to the ground. But when attempting to get up, he falls again causing his chest, stomach, feet and legs to stick to the floor.

The clip then ends with the sumo wrestler stranded as he grapples to stand up.