Justin Bieber shows off his boxing skills!

Are you impressed?

Justin Bieber, who started training with Mayweather in 2014, decided to show off his boxing skills. Two guys who have never trained before thought they could take him on, but quickly realize that they have made a mistake.

Check out this video which showed a kid reported to be Canadian pop star Justin Bieber showing off his boxing skills while having a sparring session with two separate opponents.

The video showed ”Bieber” who was wearing a head gear and a pair of gloves having a ”friendly exchange” with his sparring partners Rory Kramer and Josh Mehl.

The kid showed much better boxing skills than his friends by working off the jab, rolling with the punches and employing decent footwork then connecting some great shots against his sparring partners.

One of his foes even raised his hands to surrender after he got hurt and was already being swarmed by the kid.

The pop star is known to have trained under retired boxing star Floyd Mayweather Jr.