Kangaroo Puts Another Kangaroo To Sleep!

This kangaroo is savage!

A freaking Kangaroo channeled his inner grappler to put his opponent out with a pretty sweet RNC. It’s really unbelievable to me that the Kangaroo had the instinct to perform such a move. Consider my mind blown!
In this video two kangaroos are fighting for some reason. They go at it pretty evenly, kicking and punching one another, but eventually one of them knocks the other down. Once down he gives his opponent a few good double kicks to the face to daze him, and does something crazy. He positions himself behind the downed combatant, and puts him in a choke hold. This is like some MMA stuff going on, the kangaroo chokes his opponent out with a martial arts move! Once his opponent is subdued, he lets him go having proven that he is king of the lawn and moves on.