Russian Child wrestles bear for MMA training

It would have been filmed 3 days after Nurmagomedov’s 9th birthday

Khabib Nurmagomedov is undefeated in his UFC career and is 22-0 as a professional MMA fighter. The 25-year-old Russian has a bright future ahead of him which can be attributed to his training. Specifically, that time he wrestled bears as a 9-year-old in an amazing jumpsuit.

Nurmagomedov notes in his biography on the UFC website that his favorite grappling technique is free-style wrestling and double and single leg takedowns. Clearly, skills he perfected while FIGHTING BEARS AS A CHILD.

Now I know why my athletic career floundered. My parents didn’t love me enough to let me wrestle wild animals in the backyard. Thanks a lot, mom and dad.