Kid spends $500 on moms credit card and buys a PS4

If I ever talked to my mom like this, I would be homeless.

People throw around the phrase “kids today” a lot and it’s a good way to just throw up your hands and not understand why kids are shitheads. But you watch this video and the answer’s all right there. This kid is an entitled little d*ckhead, no question.
That’s a kid with no worries about repercussions, who knows he’s gonna get his way in the end. And he’s right. The mom here has just had enough. She’ll yell, she’ll get pissy, she’ll b*tch at her little coffee klatch with the other hens. But the kid will have his PS4, he’ll have his special addition Batman: Arkham Asylum games, he’ll have whatever he wants because the mom won’t just grab him by his little ear and make him do what she says the second she demands it. But what’s the point at this point? Kid’s a lost cause, only hope is him realizing what a piece of sh*t he’s become because mom gave him too much extra dessert or let him drink soda before bed and turn the ship around.