Killer Clown – Resurrection! Scare Prank!

It’s really top prank!

The guys who filmed ‘how to win a street fight in the hood’ decided to dress up as clowns and head to Compton. Most in the hood pranks are played out to me but this one was solid and they got 2 tickets and arrested filming this video. To make these prank videos these guys had to hire camera gear after police seized all their footage plus $15k worth of cameras!

“This prank isn’t actually the real episode 7, but is it the episode 8 adapted to be the episode 7. If you follow me on twitter and IG you already know the entire footage of the real episode 7 has been seized from the police alongside with $15k worth of cameras that also have been seized. To deliver this video in time i had to rent new cameras and rush the production.” DM Pranks.