Lamon Brewster vs Andrew Golota

You have to see it! Three knockdowns in 52 seconds.

Brewster (32-2, 28 KOs) came to Golota’s adopted hometown — where most of the 20,126 fans who packed the arena were passionate Polish Golota supporters — and chopped him down even quicker than when Lennox Lewis dispatched him in 95 seconds in a 1997 defense.

He landed 15 of 26 blows to end a fight in which Golota only connected on three of 11 punches.

He knocked Golota down just 12 seconds into the fight with a vicious left hook. Thirty-three seconds into the fight, Brewster landed another left hook amid a five-punch combination, and Golota went down hard through the ropes.

He struggled to his feet but Brewster was all over him moments later and landed another series of shots until Golota went down again, and referee Gino Rodriguez waived it off without a count.

“I studied Golota’s fights. He keeps his hands up very high,” Brewster said. “I knew
Golota was made for me. You can’t stay in front of Lamon Brewster.”

The win sent Brewster and his corner into a celebration and shocked the partisan crowd attending Chicago’s first heavyweight title bout since Mike Weaver’s 15-round decision over James Tillis at the Rosemont Horizon on Oct. 3, 1981.

“I just came in here to do what God wanted me to do,” Brewster said. “I said it in an interview earlier, I haven’t been right in quite for a while. When I fought [Wladimir] Klitschko [last year] I had just lost my trainer [the late Bill Slayton]. I was devastated but I found my way back to Jesse Reid. I was reading the bible and God promised the Israelites the land of milk and honey. Beating Andrew Golota brought me to the land of milk and honey.”