Large Aquarium Fish Gets Swallowed Whole by another fish!

That’s one crazy fish!

Gulper cats are strict carnivores by nature, but that does not mean they do not benefit from the addition of some vegetable matter into their diet. Of course, the problem of getting them to voluntarily ingest this material arises. One way to combat this issue is by gutloading live feeder fishes, such as goldfish or minnows, with a high-quality diet of prepared foods, such as any of the vast assortment of flaked, pellet, or granular-type foods offered by aquarium shops. Typically, the bellies of the feeder fishes should be rounded out using these foods and then immediately offered to the gulper cat and any other predatory fish that is being fed at the time. It’s very important to realize that most fish, especially minnows and goldfish, generally have very high metabolisms and tend to cycle through these foods very fast. So if you offer your feeder fishes such foods before leaving for work or school in the morning, then feed them to your gulper cat upon your return many hours later, you will not be maximizing the effectiveness of the gutloading technique.