Leech Swallows A Massive Worm Like Spaghetti!

Damn nature, you scary!

It’s Leech versus Worm! Have you seen a huge red Leech that swallows a giant worm that’s almost the same of its own size? This may distress you but it will amaze you how life inside a tropical forest works.

This video is a part of BBC’s documentary series entitled “Wonders of the Monsoon”, shot on Borneo’s Mount Kinabalu.
The Leech spotted its food, a worm almost the same size as itself. It explores the body of its prey to find the end and then started devouring just like a pasta. It uses its muscular throat to crash the Worm’s body.

The poor Worm tried to fight off, unfortunately there’s no chance of escaping the the powerful Leech.