Lil Boy Thuggin Too Hard!

LOL did you get this car at the 99 cent store?

Lil Boy Thuggin Too Hard! – Livin’ tha Life (movie)
Consider the facts from the director’s commentary: this was shot by a first time filmmaker on digital video with a shooting budget of $400, using comedians who’ve never acted before found in a local club in Los Angeles and allowing them to improvise based on a skeletal plot structure…  There is A LOT of surprisingly funny moments here. The foul mouthed grade schooler bullying adults out of money. The barber who can’t focus on cutting hair for want of running Yo Momma jokes on a customer. The Crazy Uncle with Vietnam flashbacks… More… And the chemistry between the two leads is startlingly rich and natural– they work well together. Because the moments of physical comedy here are at times so broad, so slapstick, so vaudevillian, it made the film feel old fashioned– that this could just as well been an Abbott and Costello flick remade by John Singleton. With all comedies, not all the jokes work (the crabs subplot? eh!) and this isn’t one of the Greatest Films Ever…

One positive note I can say for Livin’ Tha Life: There is a scene of a little boy in a grocery store arguing with a Japanese woman behind the counter. This is the funniest scene in the “movie,” but even this scene is repeated too often and the little boy quickly loses his value. The “filmmakers” know this is the “movie’s” strongest scene, because this clip has been floating around the internet as a download. I guess they figure that with no marketing, and no trailers, they can show the flick’s best scene, float it around the internet by word of mouth, and wait for suckers like me to be tricked into renting the “movie.”