Luckiest Paratrooper Deploys Reserve Just In Time

Is this the luckiest paratrooper ever?

The video shows two Filipino paratroopers, who have just jumped from a helicopter, become tangled during an airborne operation.

One of the men decides to release his main parachute in an attempt to untangle from his co-jumper.

As the incident unfolds people can be heard yelling in the background.

This results in his falling quickly to the ground – with the old chute streaming above him.

Just moments before hitting the ground the paratrooper is able to release his back-up parachute.

Onlookers scream as the man plummets toward the ground, but sound relieved as the parachute opens.

He lands in a cloud of dust on the ground but is able to get up and walk.

He is greeted on the ground by a group of paratroopers who slap his arm and greet him happily as he walks toward them.