Man Attacked by Black Bear He Thought Was Down

You can’t say it wasn’t deserved.

Killing animals. Is it ever excusable? Of course, lots of people would answer ‘yes’ and point to the meat industry. And mention culls in nature that can be justified and explained. Others would answer ‘no’ and say that humans have a responsibility to look after the animal kingdom. But there are certain situations where very few people could argue that killing animals is wrong…

Like here. In the clip below we see a man in the woods attempting to kill a bear. Why? Well, for sport. For fun. He doesn’t plan on eating the bear. It’s just for a laugh. Trophy hunting. He takes a high-powered rifle into a bear’s natural habitat and shoots at it. He wants to kill it. For no good reason.
It makes for pretty disturbing viewing, really. You’re praying he misses. Then you’re praying something bad happens to him. Instant karma of some sort. And you don’t have to wait long!