Man Catches Dude That Was Talking Bad to Him on Fb

I can smell the fear through the monitor.

Everyone has one of these, you know, the guy who talks real slick behind the computer but when confronted in real life… well, I’ll let you guys be the judge.

This world is a sad place. Facebook seems to be responsible for a major portion of arrested development going on. I have never in life thought I would see the day when men who are CLEARLY grown & should’ve way outgrown the need to bully others, now get on facebook & revert back into their highschool tactics of bullying the weaker men or should I say mice they find on facebook & can son them LOL, like WTF was that shit I just witnessed??? That grown ass, bearded, balding man, with less hair than Neyo on his head, has turned into a coward 5 year old & has to repeat what this punk ass bully tells him to repeat LML, this is ridiculous, I’m a b*tch & I would’ve dropped that fool, first off you wouldn’t be all up in my face like that without getting sliced.