Dude Puts His Baby Mama On Blast After Catching Her Cheating On Him!

Man catches wife cheating with friend

Why the dude just sit there on the bed after he got caught up?

Footage show a Man entering a hotel room only to find His Baby Mama in bed with another dude..

She could have been a wolf in sheeps clothing, no one expects anyone to be perfect. idk why people tie being perfect or being a saint to being a sl*t. sure its definitely an imperfection but just because a woman is raised right and knows how to keep her legs closed and choose the right guys doesnt mean she is perfect or a saint. Sluttiness for dudes and chicks is gross to me but society doesnt give a fuck about slutty men, and honestly i dont either. I just want my woman to not be a sl*t, thats really all i ask upfront atleast.

I have to tell you, once the woman started speaking, I thought she was a man!