Man Goes After Wifes Murder Suspect In Court

Carter Jeryl yelled: “He should die! Give him to me… Please let me kill him!”

As the man suspected of killing his sister and her unborn baby calmly sauntered into court, Jeryl Carter could not contain himself any longer.

Overcome with rage and emotion he jumped over the court barrier and ran towards Zyderrious Platt shouting: ‘Kill him!’

As Platt got up he grabbed his chair, before Carter snatched it and threw it at him before being grabbed by three security guards who wrestled him to the floor.

While on the ground, Carter yelled out several times, his voicebreaking: ‘He should die! Give him to me…please let me kill him!’

The 30-year-old was handcuffed and led out of the courtroom with tears streaming down his face as horrified relatives looked on from the public gallery.

The drama unfolded in Columbus, Georgia, during the trial of Platt, 33, who is accused of shooting dead his 26-year-old wife and mother-to-be Jilani.

In an interview hours afterwards Carter has admitted that he had been unable to get the trial out of his head and intervened because he could not stop himself.

He said: ‘I didn’t sleep well last night, my nerves had been bothering me real bad, I told myself I didn’t want to mess with the case.

‘But when I saw him walk thorough the door sitting there like he’s about to watch his favourite TV show it got to me.

‘He doesn’t deserve to live. Everybody who knew them and knew my sister knows he’s guilty.

‘This trial is a waste of time.

‘I didn’t have a plan, it just popped into my head. It was just looking at his face. I knew what a good person my sister was and she didn’t deserve to be treated like this.

‘They threw my sister in a ditch, shot her in a head and threw her in a ditch like she was nothing.

‘He showed no appreciation and just complained all the time. When I saw his face I wanted to wipe that smile off his face’.

He added his sister was a ‘hard working woman who went to school, did great at school, helped out other girls’.

‘She was a good person who wanted her marriage to work. It didn’t. He was a real abusive guy.’

Platt faces several allegations of murder and feticide for allegedly blasting his wife in the head in a row over rent money that got out of control.

He also faces charges of aggravated assault, possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Judge Bobby Peters sitting at Muscogee County Superior Court, who had been presiding at the time of the attack, ruled hat Carter will not face charges over his outburst.