Man has always refused to have a job.

This was great to hear!!! Powerful message!

Job=just over broke. Glad to see some men with some wisdom. The man said don’t tell your kids to get a job tell them to get some money. Shift their minds from competing for a seat at someone else’s table and let them sit and struggle to find a table of their own. One they can eat from and do as they please. I see all my friends graduating from school, excited for their futures and I’m here watching from the other side thinking to myself how could u be excited for 40 hours a boss limited skill no appreciation no loyalty and no security. We have been believe this is the way. But as an engineering student drop out I have a mind that analyzes everything. And I see a huge flaw in that behavior. Most of the people with desirables lives , u know the ones that people idealize and follow on social media most of them don’t carry degrees. Most of them carry something better. The courage to do what makes them happy and not others. The courage to start a business Start something they can call their own and create something better than ordinary. Keep up the work dr Boyce Watkins. U are inspiring many. U have inspired me.