Man Shoots Down Robber In Parking Lot

Tried to mug the wrong guy and paid the price!

Thief in Venezuela tries to carjack a man after locking up his store.
An armed robber attempts to steal a car from a shopowner after closing his store. Little did he know he picked the wrong target. Instant justice!  Once you decide to try to take something from a person who works and contributes , your life becomes worth less than the price of the bullet, that rids your sorry a** from society.

Looks like shop owner knew something was up, before he got into the car he took a good look at the corner were the gang banger car had just stopped. I bet as soon as he got into the car he pulled out his gun and looked in the wing mirror.
Guns prevent or stop approximately 2 million crimes, and save countless lives ever year in the U.S. alone, more often than not without a single shot being fired. Guns don’t need to kill or even be fired to save lives.