Man Tries Spiciest Noodles on Earth in Indonesia

“It’s so hot! This is not for human, Ben.”

Youtube star Ben Ten has a popular Youtube channel called Awesome Eats in which he embarks on various food adventures and challenges. In his latest episode, he decided to take on the Warung Abang Adek, a little restaurant in Jakarta that is infamous for selling Indomie “pedas mampus” (death spicy) in which they basically cram as many ground hot chili peppers as possible into a single bowl of Indomie goreng – as in 100 or even more.

Is mie pedas mampus truly the “spiciest noodles in the world” as Ben claims in the video? As he notes, you could probably chuck a Carolina Reaper into a bowl of noodles and getting something even spicier, but Abang Adek’s might very well be the spiciest commercially available on the planet.
Certainly Ben’s reaction to taking on the Abang Adek “Pedas Mampus” challenge seems proof that it is indeed one insanely spicy bowl of Indomie. We thought for a moment that he might be exaggerating for comedic effect, but we’re pretty sure it’d be physically impossible to fake a reaction like this  (don’t worry, his deafness seems to have only been temporary)