Man tries to rob undercover cop at gunpoint

Then cries like a baby!

We all know that we live in dangerous times where thieves and murderers lurk through the streets on every corner. Some of them spend long time planning a perfect heist, but that’s not the case here, and above all, the victim is not just some ordinary woman, but an undercover cop with back up on the way and surveillance (audio and video) in her car.

While the attempt of robbery was in progress, the police were watching and listening to the conversation and after the thief pulled a gun on the undercover cop they reacted, they jumped on the guy who instantly started crying and telling the police that it wasn’t his fault and that someone has made him do it. That someone turns out to be the guy who pointed the robber as the drug dealer they were after. Such a fool. They are both going to spend a lot of time in jail, obviously. The only thing they would be able to avoid is the “intent to kill” charge, because the gun was loaded but there was no bullet in the chamber. But, none of this really matter when you have an idiot trying to be a wise guy, which is, least to say, hilarious!