Man Try to Rob Taxi Driver with Gun

Instant karma right there

A police officer in Pennsylvania was able to thwart an armed robbery inside a taxi on Monday just by randomly pulling up behind the car when it was stopped at a red light.

The would-be robber, Victor Martinez-Herrera, 18, decided to pull a gun on his taxi driver, Ralph Valletta, after Valletta stopped his car in Wyomissing around 4.30 p.m. However the thug didn’t realize a police cruiser had just pulled up behind them. Just as he tries to grab the money from a terrified Valletta, the officer materializes at the side of the car, and realizes what was going on.

The incident was caught on the dash dam inside Valletta’s car.

Deputy Sheriff Terry Ely told ReadingEagle he noticed the cab sat at a green light. He stopped his car and put on his emergency lights. Ely walked up to the taxi slowly as he listened to the dispute taking place inside.

‘Right when I hit the door, I heard the driver say, “Please don’t shoot me,” and “He has a gun to my head,” Ely said.

‘I immediately bent down and pulled my firearm out because I noticed he had a hood over his face when he looked over at me. I noticed the money in his hand and a black object in his right hand, and I started ordering him to drop the gun and get out of the car.’

Martinez-Herrera was committed to Berks County Prison in lieu of $100,000 bail. He faces charges of robbery, terroristic threats and a weapons offense. It transpired that Martinez-Herrera’s gun was actually a Ruger pellet gun, but was outfitted to look like a real firearm.