Max Vs 24 Beer Cans

That’s alcohol abuse!

The man in the picture did an experiment a little bit unusual, try a blow to by the sword to cut two 24-packs of beer. With the help of a friend who filmed the whole event he managed to accomplish what he proposed.

After several failed attempts finally succeeded with a single blow by the sword to cut the beer cans. The experiment was filmed with a camera that recorded in slow-motion the movements man. Let’s talk a bit now about the benefits of beer used in this experiment. Beer is one of the oldest and most beloved alcoholic beverages over the world due to low level of alcohol and refreshing taste. But perhaps few know that beer can have a beneficial effect on health if consumed in moderation. Beer fabirc grain as barley, hops and malt. Because it is made ​​of natural ingrendiente, beer is a drink that is part of our lives. Perhaps the most important benefit of this drink is that it helps reduce the risk of forming kidney stones. Responsible beer consumption is a way to rehydrate yourself after a long exercise. A glass of beer a day can lower cholesterol and is a good source of antioxidants.