Meet The Boy Who Is Being Manufactured Into A Superhuman

WOW!!! This guy is a BEAST!

So who is the mad scientist behind Josh? His uncle and legal guardian, Bill Green.

People are often quick to judge his story though, labeling Green as a “dangerous influence”. Green argues that everything he puts his nephew through will help develop skills that will help him succeed in any area of life. He’s also in a much safer household now, having come from a cockroach-infested flat and a drug-riddled family.

Josh McKenzie is 15 years old and commenced high school last year as the #1 ranked football player in his grade across America. He also holds the #1 ranking for his grade as a wrestler.

His current goals are to play in the NFL. When he took part in a preseason try-out for Bergen Catholic High on last year, he dominated. Watching the below footage, it’s pretty easy to see why he was recruited so heavily by a host of schools.

He has 10 personal trainers, which includes: a mindset coach, isokinetic performance coach, nutritionist, multiple sprinting specialists and a powerlifting coach. This year alone, his family have spent over $15,000 USD on his training and travels.

Josh’s boasts an extremely high calorie dense diet, consuming 4500 calories per day. He can leap from standing position to the top of a car, bench press 1.5x his body weight (125kg) and squat almost 200kg.

He’s got every possible angle of his training schedule covered, but he still has one weakness in his eyes. He is only 175cm tall. He refuses to let genetics stand in the way of his goals though… He hangs upside down daily on an inversion table to make himself taller, and religiously drinks concoctions made of red cabbage and fava beans after reading it could help you grow in the book “Grow Taller 4 Idiots”.