Meet The World’s Biggest Bulldog!

That looks like a pit bull mixed with a bull

This bulldog is supposedly the biggest in the world, and it’s not hard to see why. This brute looks like he’s been hitting the gym 24/7. He has legs like tree trunks as well as an incredibly muscular torso. Admittedly, an abnormally massive one, but it is a dog. To be more exact, it’s a bulldog, a breed which is said to have originated from 5th century England, but which wasn’t officially recorded until the 1700s.

I think this big boy was a success; whatever was done to get this finished product was a good move so far. This big boy is not slow nor waddles when he runs and he has a light spring in his step. (very important) Now they didn’t show whether he has endurance so that remains to be seen and I like a cropped tail  but he’s still a good looking dog, not like some of the monstrosities I’ve seen on you tube.  Whilst I wouldn’t want to meet him down a dark alley, the video shows a gentler side to the pooch. He is more than happy for his owner to pet and cuddle him. But, he does has teeth which could rip your face off!