Men charged after meeting man who posed as teen

My god this guy looks like some type of bird/human hybrid

“Dude obviously has issues and it’s better to call a psych ward or something for him.” that’s what I stated previously and by psych ward or something I meant psychiatric help or indeed police.

Who the pedophile is doesn’t really matter, because its not like someone made a choice and said “oh, I’ll get the creepy dude in the red sweater instead of this famous politician”. Its not a question of one or the other, ALL of them deserve to burn for what they do, and if there’s an opportunity to take one down, publicly expose them, and have them arrested it should absolutely be taken, without hesitation. This person WAS reported to the authorities, and uploading the video is actually a good thing because it raises the level of exposure so that EVERYONE knows what this sicko does in case he slips through the cracks and ends up living in a new place, maybe near some kids. If this same thing happened with one of the more influential people you keep mentioning, the exact same consequences SHOULD happen. A monster is a monster, regardless of its level of intelligence, or income. Uploading the video doesn’t mean the people of youtube decide anything, it IS still decided by Police, but by uploading the video, its basically a global version of, after he’s caught and charged, forcing this sick bastard to go door-to-door, telling his neighbors that he is a pedophile so that people know to keep kids away from his house. That’s what happens in the U.S. if any of them are released, do they do that where you are from? (just curious, because I don’t know). We actually do have those communes you mentioned here in the states as well by the way. I dunno that they are a very good solution either, but again, not my call. All I can decide is what I would do with information I have, and I can say for certain that if I had video and chat evidence of this person being a pedophile, I would absolutely publicly expose them too, because they deserve it, and it might help someone else that comes across them in the future.