Miss Finland Bluffs Her Way Into 1.3 Million In Poker!

Dude I know the feeling. I hate playing with pretty females.

Finnish poker players have garnered an international reputation for aggression, and it seems that tendency applies even to their beauty pageant winners.

Sara Chafak represented Finland in the 2012 Miss Universe pageant, but turned out to be just as aggressive as she is congenial.

The former Miss Finland took part in the Shark Cage poker TV show, which pits celebrities and poker pros against each other battling for a $1 million first place prize. On the show players who get bluffed are punished by being sent away from the table for an orbit, forced to watch the action from the titular “shark cage.”

In the video  she played an entertaining hand against poker pro Ronnie Bardah, putting the man who has cashed in five consecutive WSOP main events to a huge decision on the first hand of the show.