Modded Nerf Gun Ends In Pain

It looks hellish painful.

The Nerf Gun we’ve got for you here isn’t quite the same as the old one you used to have, though. And it’s not just because technology moves on. This Nerf ‘Hail Fire’ has been specially adapted by its owner, YouTuber MegaJAFmanEXE, to fire out fake bullets at a tremendous rate and speed. This modified toy gun is now a real punisher after having its voltage tweaked.

YouTuber MegaJAFmanEXE has pimped up his toy and now it’s got ferocious fire power. By modifying the voltage on the Hail-fire model, he’s been able to increase the speed at which bullets fly out of the gun. Naturally, he wanted to find out what sort of damage the enhanced model could do, so roped in a friend to shoot at. The bullets now whizz out so fast that they cause little swollen wounds when they hit the body. MegaJAFmanEXE slowed his footage right down so you can see the effects of impact.