Mongoose Vs. Cobra

Imagine they were pokemons! Would be badass!

To the man on the street, it might sound like a David and Goliath scenario. How could a creature that looks like little more than an oversized weasel take on a serpent literally armed to the teeth with highly toxic venom? To think in this way is to grossly underestimate the power – and speed – of the mongoose, which can dart in and strike the comparatively slow cobra before its hooded adversary is able to bite back.

Unless the cobra is very lucky, the mongoose will be quicker to the draw, biting the snake’s head with such ferocity that it is likely to come out on top in the ensuing struggle. Agility and cunning are usually enough to ensure the mongoose draws first blood, yet even if this fierce, furred critter is bitten by its scaly foe, its thick coat and resistance to snake neurotoxin venom mean it can still recover and emerge victorious.