Mother Says Son Died Mimicking Prank Video

Most of these prank videos say dont try this at home, right?

A mother says her son mimicked a “hang myself” prank video on YouTube and accidentally killed himself over the weekend.

Cantenecia Stokes says she was horrified to see her 11-year-old son hanging from a rope in his bedroom closet last Saturday morning.

“I lost my baby because of something he didn’t know really completely about,” Stokes said.

She tells Channel 2’s Matt Johnson Aundreis Bass accidentally hanged himself after watching prank videos about hanging on YouTube.

That’s what his three younger siblings told her as they watched him hang himself while their mother was making them breakfast.
According to the Prank Reviewer the most popular Youtube video for “hanging myself prank” is from Youtube Prankster Roman Atwood. It has 11 MILLION VIEWS .