Motorcycle Police chases in Brazil favelas

The fastest animal is a policeman on a motorcycle.

Brazil is fairly well known to have a slight crime problem. Here is some footage from a police helmet chasing suspected criminals on a motorbike.

In other countries however, motorcycle cop versus regular motorcyclist pursuits are pretty common place and rather insane to watch. As more and more departments around the world equip motorcycle cops with helmet cameras, expect to see more first person views into some crazy chases.

Brazil is one such city where a high level of crime coupled with rampant motorcycle ownership produces some intense chases Just like in America, motorcycle cops are not to be trifled with, they know how to handle their bike with the highest level of skill and have no problem running down a perp.

No matter where you are in the world, the bottom line is this. If you see a motorcycle cop in your rearview, you better just pull over and accept the ticket. It never pays to run from the cops, especially a cop on a motorcycle .