Motorcycle VS Cops Epic FAIL

My heart broke apart when he left the bike

MOTORCYCLE VS COPS Epic FAIL Cop Chase Gone Bad Police Chase Motorcycle Running From The Cops Street Bike Gets Away Then Motorcycle Crashes While Chased By Cop Car Crash Caught On Video Tape 2015. Motorcyclist is chased by the police after plastering an “I don’t stop for cops” sticker on the side of Oakland PD officers patrol police car while riding past cop car on busy public road. Street bike stunt rider messing with the cops gets instant karma while running away from police officer after slapping sticker on cop car biker wipes out during high speed chase. Motorcycle crashes in epic fail accident caught on video camera 2015. Motorcycle stunt rider messes with the cops by putting an “I don’t stop for cops” sticker on the side of cops car while riding passing police cruiser driving down public road in Oakland, CA. Immediately after, the cop car begins chasing the stunt bike rider in hot pursuit of the motorcycle with lights flashing and sirens blazing as the biker flees the scene of the crime eluding police after illegally sticker tagging cops squid car with Blox Starz sticker. The sport bike stunt rider runs away from the cops flying tough traffic at high speeds out running all law enforcement. It looks like the motorbike stunt rider is going to get away from the police when all of a sudden the motorcycle rider crashes very hard smashing into a curb at high speeds resulting in big accident and instant karma for stunt bike rider messing with cops. The impact from the wreck sends both bike and it’s rider tumbling down the street. After crashing the rider jumps to his feet immateriality and then attempts to restart his motorcycle. Unfortunately the motorcycle well not start as a result of damage caused by the crash. The motorcycle crash gives police chasing the biker time to catch up. With nothing else to do, the biker fruitlessly tries to grab onto the back of another bikers motorcycle in an attempt to get his wrecked motorcycle towed in order to bump start his wrecked bike. When the biker realizes this simply isn’t going to workout and his bike well not start the rider chooses to ditch the bike. The motorcyclist then catches a ride on another stunt riders motorcycle and both riders take off, leaving the wrecked bike behind. The good samaritan stunt bike rider then takes off out running all law enforcement vehicles. The motorcyclist shown crashing in this video clip gets away from the police and has never been caught. Unfortunately his street bike was not as luck. The make and model of the sport bike that was ditched in this video clip is a 2003 2004 Kawasaki Ninja ZX636 or ZX6R sport bike setup an customized specifically for street motorcycle stunts and tricks such as wheelies, drifts, stoppies, and acrobatics. This video is a great reminder to always wear proper protective and safety gear such as full face helmet, gloves, leather or mess jacket, vest, boots, long pants, and eye protection whenever on two wheels or attempting to perform stunts or tricks. Blox Starz TV owns all rights to footage featured in this video clip please do not copy or re upload this video clip with written permission from Blox Starz TV.