Mountain lion attacking doberman

WOW! That was one lucky dog!

The epic and bloody battle lasts several minutes as the Doberman bravely defends its territory against the fearsome panther

A Doberman takes on a mountain lion in a brutal back garden battle in this incredible CCTV footage.

The gripping clip shows the cougar creeping towards the dog, which is chained to the outside of the house. Within seconds the mighty animals are grappling one another on the patio, in a vicious fight to the death. The Doberman manages at first to get the big cat on it’s back, as blood begins to spill onto the concrete. However, perhaps hindered by the chain around it’s neck, the dog is gradually overpowered by the puma. It looks like curtains for the pet pooch, as the lion slowly subdues the canine by clamping its powerful jaws around its neck.
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For almost a minute the dog lies eerily still while the panther appears to be sucking all life out of its adversary. But the collar that stopped this from being a fair fight may also have saved the dog’s life. Suddenly the mountain stands up and makes a run for it, having defeated its worthy foe. The doberman suddenly springs back to life, and is filmed looking around the garden for the lion, seemingly ready for round two.

The incredible encounter happened in a garden in Tujunga, California, last year. According to several reports, the dog survived the battle, but required a massive 60 stitches.