Multi (25+) Caliber Revolver, Medusa M-47

One revolver chambers 25 multiple calibers in the same cylinder

The Medusa Model 47 was produced in the late 1990s by Phillips & Rodgers. Unlike any other revolver, this gun safely shoots over 25 different cartridges.

Well, what can it shoot?

Try these for starters: .380 ACP, 9mm Luger, .38 ACP, .38 Auto, .38 Colt Super, .38 S & W, .38 Special, and .357 Magnum. This is just the beginning of the Medusa’s adaptability.

Sadly, the company no longer manufactures this revolver. Keep an eye out at local gun shops, pawn shops, and gun shows. If you’re diligent, you just might find one.

This is the perfect “bug-out bag” revolver to pack for the next zombie outbreak!