Oil Filter Gun Suppressor

This would be a really cool feature

This guy has plenty of guns, and he also has a firing range in what looks like his backyard. As with most home made firing ranges, sound can be a problem. You don’t want to disturb local wildlife and you don’t want to cause earache with your neighbours. You can get suppressers for your guns, however these could cost you a serious amount of money and if you aren’t serious when it comes to gun shooting, they aren’t worth it.

So how does this guy get around it? Who knew someone could go to the local auto-parts store and pick up a suppressor? Here is how you can convert your traditional oil filter into a working firearm suppressor. He attaches an oil filter onto his gun and the change is phenomenal. The sound is drastically reduced and you can pick up oil filters from almost anywhere. What a clever idea, and it works well with any type of gun!