One Of The Dirtiest KO’s In MMA History

Rule No. 1 : Keep your hands up. 

Ibragim Khalilov knocked out opponent Bakhtiyar Barotov in China at WBK 22 on Saturday. ‘Faking glove touch’. It is common practice in MMA for opponents to touch gloves at the beginning of a contest. However, while facing off at WBK 22 in China, Ibragim Khalilov did something which fighters around the world will surely be disgusted by.

It was a both a cheap and dirty move, but unfortunately, it is one that Ibragim will undoubtedly get away with. However, his reputation will certainly take permanent damage and going forward, it seems highly unlikely that any future opponent will ever touch gloves with him again. It may have been one of the quickest knock outs in MMA history but it was certainly, the cheapest. Ibragim, take your win, go home, and hang your head in shame.