Paintball Shot To Face At Point Blank Range

Don’t try this at home

NO one was hurt during the making of this video.
Cutbone of the stunt group P.O.R takes a loaded paintball gun, points it at his face, & pulls the trigger. The paintball hits him in the cheek & bounces off, hitting him in the eye. He falls to the ground in shock & realizes that could have ended a lot worse.

“Is this really worth the internet views? An inch higher and he would have blown his own eyeball apart. People need to just chill! How many bones has he broken now? Please only do stunts that are interesting/comedic. He could’ve caved in his eyeball for no good reason doing this. Please stop just trying to see who can endure the most pain. I want to see you guys being able to do stunts in 10 years, but at this pace you guys are all going to be handicapped or something.”